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Pearl White
I bought the car off a buddy of mine who runs a wrecker service, gave what was owed on it, $600. Was hoping to only put a HG on it tore the head off, and didnt like what I saw, cat musta started comin apart and the cylinders didnt like it much. had 2 burnt pistons. and the oil rings were all shot so, yanked it out and rebuilt it.

The car was bought for my soon to be wife, but Im going to get her another one, I like this one too much now with the motor work down, its an impressive motor.
2003 Nissan Altima (Pearl White)


2.5, .020" over, DNJ pistons w/ custom flycut, Speed Pro Plasma moly rings, reworked mildly ported .035" shaved head w/modified coolant and oil passages, roughly 10.5:1 block squared and decked to .005, ARP head studs,copper coated Fel-pro HG.

None of that was done......necessarily for performance as much as reliability and just a lil more bottom end at the time, but I liked the turn out...
Ghetto Sim, Drop resistor [email protected]

The insides of the cat somehow fell out??? *-) Cams, headers, major intake porting, and throttle body swap....soon......turbo...eventually.....Yes with the 10.5 comp.
Had to completely restore the interior, the previous owner must have lived out of it. dyed the carpets, painted all the bezels and scrubbed all the trim and fabrics. Dont look too bad now. pics soon
couple of greasy finger prints every now and then
the better half grippin the o shit bar runnin 80 down them ol country roads.. &

NDSS ....for now. Its not bad for a stock setup. I rather listen to the car anyway.
well only had it 3 weeks so far, but may heat the springs and pull it down about 1.5-2" till i get round to gettin some Kybs and open to suggestions on the springs.
Wheel and Tire
Stockers that are beat to shit and will be off ASAP wrapped w 205 55 eagle ls2s for now the 55s handle and ride 3xs better than a 65. speedo off by minimum amount. reduced hwy mpg about 2pts but acceleration increased greatly. Pulls harder than a conquest tsi thru 1st and 2nd


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