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  1. New Member Area
    I have recently purchased a 2002 Nissan Altima in good condition, but would like to do some fairly inexpensive work to sharpen it up and repair some dings. Ideally I would need new side view mirrors, door handles, and a new front bumper cover (or perhaps a whole kit). I would like it to look...
  2. Suspension
    For 3rd Gen Altimas! Never used. Decided to wait and save up for coils. $220 with shipping. Hit me up! Thanks :)
  3. Suspension
    Hey guys. I have a couple of cheap parts I'm selling from a 3rd Gen Nissan Altima. - After Market Grill $40 with shipping - Stock Radio $30 with shipping - JVC Color Changing Radio. (Universal. Also can be used or single or double din cars.) $40 with shipping Only have pics of the grill, &...
  4. Suspension
    Looking to spend around $500 on a used pair. Thanks! :)
  5. 3rd Generation Altima (2002-2006)
    Looking to purchase coilovers for my 3rd Gen Altima (2002-2006) If anybody has a old set to let go, let me know. I'm looking to spend around $500. Thanks. :)
  6. New Member Area
    Finally made an account. To start, my Altima: 2002, Super Black :cool:, 2.5 S And I hail from Alabama the Beautiful. :rolleyes: Now then, 'bout to drop a bomb. It's a long one. My parents leased it brand new in summer '02. I loved it. (massive improvement over our early '90s Taurus) When the...
1-6 of 6 Results