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2008 altima 2.5s
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  1. Intake & Exhaust
    I’m needing a new exhaust for my 08 2.5s sedan. The only exhaust i’ve seen specifically for my car is the Stillen cat back which cost about $1k and i’m really not willing to spend that much. Will a 3.5 exhaust fit on a 2.5? Not sure if the pipes are too wide or the whole essembly is too long.
  2. 4th Generation Altima (2007-2009)
    Hey guys, I'm buying my girlfriend a remote start for her 2008 Altima coupe. We went today to get it installed and we chose the option that uses the original key fob. Pretty much to start the car you hit "lock 3x" then hit unlock on the key fob to enter the car. So far here are the issues I'm...
1-2 of 2 Results