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  1. 5th Generation Altima (2013-2018)
    2014 Nissan Altima 81k miles. This noise happens when I start my car. Goes away after a little while or if I put the car in gear. Help!
  2. 5th Generation Altima (2013-2018)
    I drove a 2014 Altima S (2.5) for three weeks as a rental car and loved it! However, there were a few things that puzzled me (how to open the windows without starting the engine, why air was blowing on me with the fan off, what is Shift Lock and Ds.) I decided to share a few tips and tricks...
  3. 5th Generation Altima (2013-2018)
    Anyone know when the 2014's will be available- also will they be the supercharged versions with the hybrid system?
  4. 5th Generation Altima (2013-2018)
    Does anyone know when the 2014 Altima is going to be available? I test drove the 2013 and loved it BUT I am reading about a lot of 1st year issues. I am hoping they will be worked out for 2014. Also, will the hybrid with the supercharger be available when it launches in the near future or...
1-4 of 5 Results