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  1. New Member Area
    Hey everyone, I just installed an aftermarket radio on my 2011 Nissan Altima 3.5 SR Sedan 4D. And I’m having issues with the steering wheel control. I bought SWRNS-63U Module to retain the steering wheel control but the instructions says I’ve to connect NSBT-BP (Bluetooth Bypass) to the...
  2. 4.5 Generation Altima (2010-2012)
    I just got a Pixel 3, and I'm having issues streaming music via Bluetooth. When it connects, I can use hands-free phone mode no problem. However, when I switch over to Bluetooth media, I get "A bluetooth audio device has not been selected." I spent about an hour on the phone with Google last...
  3. Audio, Video & Electronics
    I've got a 2013 Nissan Altima and would like to add a phone to my car's Bluetooth connectivity. However, I already have 5 connected (large family) and need to delete one. I have a specific phone in mind, but have a slight problem. The phone doesn't have a name! Not sure how it connected without...
  4. Audio, Video & Electronics
    I have a 2016 Altima 2.5 SR. My phone is paired to the car via Bluetooth. I went into the settings and turned Auto-reply off so it wouldn't send the "I'm Driving -Sent from My car" message whenever I get a text. Every time I turn off the car and turn it back on, it turns auto-reply back...
  5. 5th Generation Altima (2013-2018)
    I have the SV package and it has the NissanConnect with mobile apps (basic rear cam with 6 button presets). I'd like to upgrade my system to the NissanConnect with the Navigation and touchscreen. Are the connectors the same? Are there wires that make it incompatible?
  6. 5th Generation Altima (2013-2018)
    Was enjoying the hands-free calling in my 2013 Altima SL from my Samsung Galaxy SIII...until Verizon released Android 4.3. Now I can't make hands-free calls----everything works right up through "Calling so-and-so" but then it just shuts down :/ Tried everything from re-pairing to clearing some...
  7. 5th Generation Altima (2013-2018)
    Hello there - I have a 2013 Nissan Altima 3.5 SV and an iPhone running on iOS 6.1.4. I have no issue answering and making phone calls. I have turned on the text message feature in the car. At first, I was able to see the notification pop up indicating I had a new message. I was able to read it...
  8. New Member Area
    Good whatever time of day it is when you read this, I have had my red 2012 coupe since October of 2011, which always made me tilt my head a bit like the RCA dog as to why car manufacturers enjoy doing that to us. It has been a great car and I am just turning over 40,000 miles as I have a...
  9. 4.5 Generation Altima (2010-2012)
    Hi, Has anyone tried using a Bluetooth OBD-II scanner with Torque app on android to see realtime stats? If so, which scanner did you use? There are many ELM327 readers on amazon but from reviews it seems that not all work. Mine is the 2010 Hybrid. Thanks!
  10. 5th Generation Altima (2013-2018)
    Just purchased a 2013 Altima SL w/tech package. Is it possible to get a directory listing of the music stored on the Device or SD card using an Android Samsung Galaxy S4 via bluetooth and/or connected to the USB?
  11. 4.5 Generation Altima (2010-2012)
    I found instructions for playing music from my phone over Bluetooth with the Navigation system. But I didn't find a way to do this with the Bose sound system w/o navigation. Is this possible?
  12. 4th Generation Altima (2007-2009)
    Do you have to remove raidio in order add iso harness for parrot i9200 or can you access it through removing glovebox? Where is good location to mount lcd screen at in car. Any install tips would help , thanks:rolleyes:
1-12 of 12 Results