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  1. 4th Generation Altima (2007-2009)
    Hello all, I just joined the forum... I am the owner of a 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL... I love the car minus the sticky dash issue (which seems to be pretty common in these cars). I remedied this with a cheap dash cover and I've gotten used to it. I recently got all four of my brake pads...
  2. 6th Generation Altima (2019+)
    Hey everyone. I am loving my new 2019 Altima SV! I am new to the ProPILOT and am getting comfortable with it. Does anyone know if the brake lights come on if the vehicle in front of you is going slower than you are and the cruise is set to a higher speed and the ProPILOT slows your vehicle...
  3. 4.5 Generation Altima (2010-2012)
    Hi everyone- I've got a 2010 Altima 2.5 S. A few weeks ago the brake pedal started to stick slightly when I lightly depressed the pedal, and again when I release the pedal. This doesn't occur when I perform a moderate/hard brake. But when I'm cruising (high or low speeds) and lightly apply...
  4. 3rd Generation Altima (2002-2006)
    I replaced the calipers and master cylinder of my Altima because they were on the fritz and not working properly. The problem now is that the brakes do not want to bleed. I have tried to gravity bleed them, vacuum bleed them, and whatever the one with the bottle is.... 2/4 of the brakes seem to...
  5. 4.5 Generation Altima (2010-2012)
    I have bought rear brake pads/rotors from nissan dealer for my 2012 altima SL . I would like to know if someone can recommend any shops in or around Albany,NY to install the parts. Thanks.
  6. Brakes
    I recently changed my car's brakes, rotors, and ignition coils prior to selling it, I have these used parts, all in good condition. Free to whomever picks them up. Located in San Mateo, Ca. 94403. pm me to set up a pick up time.
  7. 3rd Generation Altima (2002-2006)
    I know that Nissan will mix up whether internal hex or external hex sockets/wrenches are needed to remove the rotor/calipers (both Front and Rear). In the case that they are internal (you'd either need a hex wrench (allen key) or a socket with the hex sticking out), would anyone know what size...
  8. Brakes & Suspension
    I've got a recurring issue with my '04 2.5S (about 156K miles) - For some reason, I keep warping the front rotors. The rear ones don't seem to have the issue. Has anyone else had this issue? There doesn't seem to be anything else wrong with the braking system - multiple brake inspects have...
1-8 of 8 Results