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cvt problem
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  1. CVT

    4.5 Generation Altima (2010-2012)
    Hi everybody I am new here and I need help about my 2010 Altima 2.5s, 140k miles. When I start and move no any problem. After few min when engine get normal temperature start jerking, especially from start and low RPM (1000-1200) start hesitate like misfire, like CVT try to grab gear (I suppose...
  2. 5th Generation Altima (2013-2018)
    I have a 2016 Nissan Altima with 103k miles on it, I’ve recently noticed problems when It’s shifting. For example if I’m in drive and I switch to drive sport when I accelerate, and take my foot off the pedal it jerks back and forth pretty hard. Also I’ve noticed after I’m driving for a while(...
  3. Maintenance & Repair
    I just recently purchased a 2010 Nissan altima in GREAT condition. I drove it around the lot in first gear and it was completely fine, good throttle response. but the first time i took it on the street, it would not shift out of first gear, it would rev up super high and once that happened. the...
1-3 of 3 Results