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engine codes
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  1. Engine / Drivetrain
    2015 Nissan Altima S 2.5L... I was in motion and the car stopped accelerating. It was like it went into neutral. I coasted to the shoulder of the road and noticed that the engine light and light of the car with squiggle lines. I placed the car into park and shut it off. I started the car and...
  2. 2nd Generation Altima (1998-2001)
    Hi all, 2000 Altima, 156k, auto. Before doing any work on it I was getting an P1400 for EGR control solenoid and P0325 for knock sensor. I went thru the engine and replaced a bunch of gaskets (both intakes, throttle body, exhaust manifold, fuel injectors, valve cover, etc.), swapped out the EGR...
1-2 of 2 Results