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  1. 2012 Sedan 2.5S Plastidip Grille

    Interior / Exterior
    Hey, I'm new around here and I just decided to plastidip the front grille of my car. Now I cant decide whether or not to peel off where it is usually body color, or to leave the whole thing matte black. Opinions?
  2. 06 altima grilles

    3rd Generation Altima (2002-2006)
    I'm looking to change to a mesh grille and I'm having a problem finding a lower mesh grill...any suggestions
  3. Grille for 08 Altima

    Interior / Exterior
    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a grille that would look nice on a pebble beach altima. I was looking for one preferably in black. Or something like this: Any opinions or...
  4. For Sale: 02-04 stock grille (new)

    heres the deal. some lady backed into my car and ****ed up my headlight,bumper, and a few other things. my aftermarket grille was slighty damaged but i can fix it, however the insurance is gunna put a new factory grille in it for me. so im gunna take that out when i get it home from the shop...
  5. For Sale: 04-06 Altima items!!

    Parts & Accessories
    1. NEVER USED active tuning grille-$150 SOLD!!! 2. Stock OEM chrome housing taillights bulbs and harness included- $80 (pair) 3. BRAND NEW NEVER USED NEX full coilovers fit altima's 02-06 website where i got coilover from -$650 just want my money back from them. 4. Power Mirors OEM of an 06'-...