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  1. 2nd Generation Altima (1998-2001)
    So 4 years ago I replaced the cat now I need another. Those things ain't cheap either. I'm thinking about just doing the bxo headers and throwing on a generic cat down the line to stay legal and all. Anyone out there have any experience installing these headers or have done anything similar?
  2. 3rd Generation Altima (2002-2006)
    I have a 2003 nissan altima 2.5S, and my exhaust manifold has a catconv that its messed up now if i buy a direct OEM replacement it will run me over 250 dollars but i found a headers cheaper if i go with the cheaper and more horse power solution will i have to do any mods to the O2 sensors or...
  3. 4th Generation Altima (2007-2009)
    Anyone know if the precats on 02-06 Altimas are the same or close to 07-up Altimas? If so will these high flows from Raceline fit on 07-up?
1-3 of 3 Results