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  1. New Member Area
    Hey y'all from NOLA. Just purchased 2nd Altima for a steal!!! Obviously I'm new here, but not new to owning an Altima(s). My first was a 2000, and before LED's were huge like they are today I installed them in the exterior and interior. There was no "plug-n-play" like today, so every LED had to...
  2. New

    New Member Area
    Hello, I am new to all this, I have a 2015 Nissan Altima 2.5 S. I have always been a nissan lover. I would like to make mods but Im not really sure how to go about it. Happy to read what everybody has done to their cars.
  3. 4th Generation Altima (2007-2009)
    I just got myself a 2007 Altima 2.5 sedan. It's just stock but I don't really know anything about cars. I'd like some advice on how to install different body and performance mods, and how much it cost to get things professionally done compared to doing it yourself... If anyone has tips for me...
  4. New Member Area
    Hello to all! Just bought a really high mileage but cosmetically nice 03 2.5SL. It is dark silver w black leather int, heated seats and sunroof. She has 260,000 miles and runs really rough. Flashing check engine light also. No, Im not crazy... It was $600 and I figure if its a basket case Ill...
  5. New Member Area
    Ive got a 97 Altima and Ive already fallen in love, I want to put in a cold air intake, add new springs, struts, sway bars ,exhaust, and 18" racing alloys. I will post pics soon!:cool:
  6. New Member Area
    Yo, I'm Jay and I have a 1993 Altima SE with a 94 engine and transmission, I use it to drive all over California. I joined the forum in some hope that bouncing ideas off of other Altima owners will help me keep my Altima alive in this new millennium. I love the gas mileage I get in these...
  7. New Member Area
    Hello. I am the happy owner of an '08 2.5 Charcoal Nissan Altima. My first was the 2002, followed by the 2005. I loved each of these cars for different reasons. The '02 anmd '05 had a cavernous backseat good for my infant and to carry doting grandmas. The '08 Is greatly refined, though has...
1-7 of 7 Results