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  1. Motor Mounts

    4th Generation Altima (2007-2009)
    I have a 2007 3.5SE Standard Transmission. I need new motor mounts. I am looking to upgrade from stock mounts to something that can withstand the performance of the VQ35DE. I already replaced the lower front hydraulic mount and the top torque and they are already starting to take a beating due...
  2. '08 2.5s mods

    4th Generation Altima (2007-2009)
    So I just bought my Altima about a month ago, and just recently got a job at a car dealership selling Lincolns and Mazdas. I'll be making some serious money if I manage to sell cars well enough. So what would you guys suggest I get to deck my Altima out? I'd like to get at least 200 bhp out of...
  3. engine swap out 03 3.5-?

    Engine / Drivetrain
    I'm getting an 03 3.5 Altima soon and was wondering if anyone knew of a skyline, silvia or 300zx engine that would fit in the bay and connect fairly easy. I love the v6 in it already but it feels sluggish and I need some raw power! I was looking and saw jdm sells import japanese engines and...
  4. Silent But Deadly 2.5s - Performance Suggestions??

    QR25DE (2.5L, 02-Present)
    I have a 2005 2.5s and looking to do a few mods to gain maybe 30-35hp or so without making the thing too loud. Anyone have any suggestions? What I'm thinking that would give me about 25hp... - Injen Cold Air Intake - Stillen QR-Pro Fuel/Air Management System - Underdrive Pulley (Anyone have any...