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  1. 6th Generation Altima (2019+)
    My 2019 Altima SL AWD will not roll roll down the windows with the key FOB as outlined in the following Nissan YouTube video. I've contacted Nissan Customer Support and they are unable to tell me if my SL supports this feature or not, so I don't...
  2. New Member Area
    I have a problem with power windows on 08 Altima se 3.5, 2 dr... the passenger window goes up & down on it's own... real pain sometimes to get it back up... really bad in a rain storm with leather interior... I pulled the power window controls from the drivers door & checked the circuit board &...
  3. 4th Generation Altima (2007-2009)
    I recently got my car battery changed and now all of a sudden the automatic switch for my power windows does not work when I want to close the windows - it works to open them, but not to close them. Has anyone had this issue? If so, how do I fix it? I hear that I'm clicking the switch, but...
1-3 of 3 Results