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  1. Altima 2015 S Radiator

    5th Generation Altima (2013-2018)
    Need to replace radiator - initial investigation shows removing ac condenser or just the radiator. Leaving the condenser intact involves significant more disassemble. Trying to weigh my options - any suggestions would be appreciated
  2. Overheating - Out of ideas... :S

    Maintenance & Repair
    All, my Altima's temperature has been rising above normal for some time now... :confused: Have gone through a few steps already, but still can not fix the problem. Can you help me with potential points to look at? The Altima is an '08 2-door, S version with the 2.5 engine. Note: (I have never...
  3. Radiator and A/C Fan Issue (2010)

    4.5 Generation Altima (2010-2012)
    Hi! The radiator/AC fan under the hood runs constantly. I have tried turning the fan off of the windshield, made sure my A/C button was not pressed. I even switched the blower motor relay with the radio relay because I thought just maybe that was the issue. The fan runs smooth and not very loud...
  4. Radiator Hose Mount Help!

    VQ35DE (3.5L, 02-Present)
    I have a 3.5L 2002 Altima. The piece where the upper radiator hose connects to the the radiator, the plastic piece where you slip the hose on the clamp is broken! I am wondering if there is any way to fix this piece without replacing the whole radiator. I'll post pics later. Any advice would...
  5. Altima doesn't start after replacing radiator

    2nd Generation Altima (1998-2001)
    I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I will give it a shot. I have a 2000 Nissan Altima GXE. It had a radiator leak; and couple nights ago, while i was on the road and driving, it started to reach really high tempertaures. I added coolant and after water when i was out of...
  6. Radiator Busted. Replaced. Won't Start. Code 0118 - ECT SEN/CIRCUIT

    3rd Generation Altima (2002-2006)
    2002 Altima SL Can you help me? I'm trying everything I can and looking for all the help I can get before having it towed to a shop. Bad things come in 3's they say, and this is #3 on top of business failing and having to move out in 5 days. I was driving the other night and I noticed my...