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  1. 4at

    3rd Generation Altima (2002-2006)
    Does anyone else notice a very long and drawn out 1st to 2nd shift when really punching it in the 3.5. My car shifts great but when i really get on it its just weird. I dont even notice a loss in acceleration or any slipping almost like my 07 cvt I'll try to get a video up in the next 20...
  2. 3rd Generation Altima (2002-2006)
    hi I have a 2003 manual 3.5L SE, I noticed a few weeks ago everytime i would shift into 3rd grear i had to apply more pressure then normal and it occationly scratched. Slowly it seems if the other gears are starting to not engage smoothly. Anyone had this problem or have some solutions to fix...
1-2 of 2 Results