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  1. CVT transmission overheating issue

    4th Generation Altima (2007-2009)
    Hi all, bought me a 2008 Altima last year, so now have had it for about 16 months. Really like the thing. Had like 141k on it when I got it. Last June was going on a trip, extremely hot out. Tranny started whining, climbing RPMs, couldn't even get it to 70mph on the interstate. Pulled off...
  2. Cruise control Inop

    2010-2012 Coupe
    Hello everyone, I have a 2012 Altima 2.5 coupe. The cvt transmission went out @ 89k and it was replaced with a used transmission. Ever since the replacement, the cruise control stopped working above 50 mph, and the ecu is throwing P0500(vehicle speed sensor A) and P1574 ASCD speed sensor. I...
  3. 2008 Altima 2.5S / 2014 Altima SV owner. New here and could use some help.

    New Member Area
    Hello to all. I'm glad to find such an awesome group. Thanks Google! This is my first post. Could someone help point a new guy in the right direction? I would certainly appreciate it. I have a 2008 Altima Sedan 2.5S that I bought in 2009 with 12,000 miles on it. Of course it has the dreaded...
  4. Jdm transmission work aroun speed sensor

    New Member Area
    Just bought an 2003 altima 4 cylinder 2.5s. The transmission is not engaging in any gear, fluid was recently change and month after the change transmission would not engage. Mechanic told the girl she needed a transmission so I bought one for her but soon after she sod it to me not wanting to...
  5. Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid - Replacement

    Maintenance & Repair
    I have a 2008 Altima Sedan (Base Engine). My mechanic says that the 'torque converter clutch solenoid' is going bad which is causing the issues I am having (see below). Does anyone know where I can buy this part? I can't seem to find it anywhere online or at a local auto part store. Thanks...
  6. Transmission/Steering Fluid leak

    3rd Generation Altima (2002-2006)
    I have this weird issue where I saw few red oil drops while I was backing out in snow. I had to accelerate(may be at 2500 rpm) to wiggle the car out of snow. I saw few drops of red oil(transmission/steering fluid) on the snow. However I did not observe any more after I drove very slow in the...
  7. Tranny overheat

    3rd Generation Altima (2002-2006)
    I've not had the slightest problem with my tranny since I had the valvebody changed and new synthetic fluid, but ... yesterday I took the car into the Sierra Madre and after 30 minutes climb, I had to stop for an hour with the bonnet up. The temp gauge stayed steady throughout, there was no...
  8. Transmission Issues

    4th Generation Altima (2007-2009)
    I have a 2007 3.5 SL with 102,000 miles and just started experiencing the following. -Louder engine sounds, "growling", upon acceleration up to 40 MPH. -RPMs higher than normal...About 2000 RPM instead of the normal 1500 RPM. -Began to smell a "burnt" odor. Turned off TCS and everything seemed...
  9. Se-r auto transmission vs. normal 3.5 transmission

    2005-2006 Altima SE-R
    I tried the search but could not find the answer to this question. What is the difference between the SE-R auto transmission and the normal 3.5 altima autos? Are they interchangeable? My car is currently at the dealership getting a used transmission put in and it was an ordeal trying to find...
  10. Experiencing some crazy electrical problems, any input?

    New Member Area
    I have a 2008 Altima 2.5 SL with 123,000 miles on it. For over a year I have been watching numerous problems afflict my car. I will list the issues in order of occurrence: 1. AUX plug in ceased function within two months. The situation blew out the AUX plug on my iPod, and when I touched the...
  11. Need Trans help!

    3rd Generation Altima (2002-2006)
    So, I have an 03 Altima and its about to be on its 4th transmission. Getting them put in at shops is starting to get a bit too much for me at $2,400 each time. I've decided I'm going to do this one on my own. Will any 3rd gen trans bolt up? and how hard is swapping them out?
  12. 2006 SER 6MT - Problem... Help

    2005-2006 Altima SE-R
    FYI, this is about my 2006 SE-R 6MT Canadian Model with approximately 71000kms. I have Nissan Canada's Extended warranty (Added Security Plan) until 80000kms or for another month and a half, which ever comes first. Problem 1: For the last 6-8 months or so, I've noticed that going into 1st gear...
  13. Auto Transmission Whine Noise Sometimes

    1st Generation Altima (1993-1997)
    I have a 97 Altima with Auto Trans. Sometimes when I am accelerating up an incline the transmission will kinda whine just before it downshifts. Sometimes the downshift is hard kinda like it's slamming in gear and other times it whines but the shift is normal. It does not feel like it is...
  14. For Sale: 2001 Altima GXE Complete Part Out

    Parts & Accessories
    Parting out this 2001 Altima GXE. Willing to ship some parts, but prefer local pick-up. Car is located in Elizabeth, NJ 07202. Please message me.
  15. In the shop

    4th Generation Altima (2007-2009)
    Well, Finally took the alti into the shop :( .... Had a whining going on for the last few months that occured on longer drives.... It was a constant battle with the Stealership but finally the lead mechanic signed off on it.
  16. trans problem?

    2nd Generation Altima (1998-2001)
    A few days ago I was leaving work and my 99 altima gle didn't want to take me home. It would start, shift into reverse, neutral, and drive. When I would push on the gas the rpms would go down first then jump around, but the car would barely move. It wouldn't go up any hills. When I would floor...
  17. 95 Reverse Gear HIGH rpm when placed in gear

    1st Generation Altima (1993-1997)
    Hello fellow Altima owners! I have a very odd problem with my 1995 Altima. When I place the can in reverse, the RPMs start to climb immediately and my car begins to accelerate and cannot be stopped unless I place it in Neutral or Park. ALL other driving gears are find (D-1-2) and Neutral is...
  18. Whistling when accelerating

    3rd Generation Altima (2002-2006)
    Hi, I have a 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5S, I recently replaced the pre-cat header with a new aftermarket header for better performance. Since the. I have heard a strange whistle whenever I accelerate, to me it sounds like a gurgling whistle and it seems to he more pronounced when it shifts into...
  19. Transmission replaced, 80k, car still jerks!! WTF!

    4th Generation Altima (2007-2009)
    I noticed car shaking around the first couple of gears in my 08 altima 2.5. Took it to dealer said replaced transmission as it was bad and under warranty. Day after car wouldnt start, towed to dealer said they ran diagnostics and found some misfire codes engines not covered anymore so charged me...