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Hello, first post & wifes car has an issue, now I have an issue.

05 Altima 2.5, 175k, norally a great car.

Random dying any where from 10 minutes to several days of running. Try to restart and seems like the battery is dead
but let it sit a while(and that time will also vary) it will start & drive normal.

Replaced, upstream O2 sensor, cam & crank sensors, plugs & coils. Reprogrammed throttle after sensors.
Cleaned MAF with proper cleaner. Fuel pump was also replaced about 2 months before this all started to happen.

I would say vacuum leak maybe for dying but not the no start due the battery acting dead.

Only code was & is P0420, clogged cat? Thermal temp is 410F which is low end of normal op temp.
Would a bad downstream be causing this issue?

Thanks Paul

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