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19-22 dual climate zone controls… ummm

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How do I uninstall it to get to the LED below it that lights up the 12v socket and USB ports below? I tried using trim tools to pry and it doesn’t budge. My mind is blown because the only other way I see is to literally take out the entire dash board. There is NO WAY it’s that hard to remove some simple hvac controls. I refuse to believe that. Can someone help me out? Is there a how to? I tried searching…. Pic is what I need removed in case my words confuse you.
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It isn't as bad as removing the dashpad, but it still isn't simple. You need to slide the center console back and loosen the left lower dash, remove the glove box, then remove the finisher shown in this pic:
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Just a word to the wise, don't ever break the center ventilator beneath the radio. That does require removing the dashpad.
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Damn man. Coming from Chevy and Subaru products where everything LITERALLY snaps in and out relatively small to medium sized pieces. You can remove an entire center stack within 5 minutes. This is just crazy 😜. Thank you very much for the quick response though. This should be stickied to a how to section. Come to think of it… I didn’t even see a how to section for this specific generation altima. I guess there isn’t enough traffic to warrant it.
You're most welcome. If you pull it, take pics and post a how-to.

FYI, the previous three generations of Alties all had 5-minute centerstacks just like your Chevys and 'Rus. Why they designed the gen6's this way is known only to the car gods.

I don't get what you mean about no section, this is posted in gen6 Altima. That's '19~'22, gen5's ended in '18. I guess you could call the '22's gen6.5, but so far I haven't noticed a whole lot of changes. BTW, that diagram I posted is for a '19. I haven't had a '22 dash apart yet, and I don't have ASIST in front of me right now to see if there are differences.
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