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I have a POS 2005 v6 Nissan Altima. Among the litany of problems I have with it, is the screeching noise the serpentine belt makes when I start the car. I was forced to replace the alternator (I am 99.9% sure I put everything in correctly as there are no problems other than the chalk board mating call, and the car passed inspection as well with no check engine light illumination. But to be honest I was on an adrenaline high after smashing the old alternator with a sledge hammer, forgoing the core repate, but ohhh soooooo worth it); Afterwards the belt began to make its banshee cry. I have tried all manor of tensions but nothing works. Bear in mind the idiot who owned the car before me, put on Motegi FF7 rims, so getting to the serpentine belt is less fun than a root canal. Looking for any and all suggestions.
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