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2007 door Interchange question

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So, due to a freak accident s few days ago, I need a new door for my O7 SL. Need to know if all doors from 07-12 interchange? Im specifically seeing a lot of S doors close by in that year range.. Will an S door work for me?
Thanks y’all !!
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The '12's take a different part number (although the differences are probably internal). The '07~'11's all take the same rear doors, 82100-JA030 for the passenger rear. For a junkyard door, don't use the door harness unless the part number on the tag matches your existing harness exactly. If it doesn't, transfer your existing harness to the new door. We unf__k that mistake on body shop cars pretty regularly, so save yourself the headache.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts