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Hello all. I am a new member here. I own a 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5L with 154k miles on the body, 103K miles on the tranny/engine. Just replaced the engine and transmission and have run into a battery draw issue. I am not sure if this was happening before, since I don't ever remember having an issue with the battery dying. The alternator went out on my a while back but once that was replaced I didn't have any issues.

So I noticed my battery dying and decided to find out what was causing it. I charged the battery, it was at 12.9-13v when beginning the test. I put the positive lead on, made sure there is no corrosion, and latched it tight. I connected my multi-meter, set at the 10A-DC setting, to the negative lead, then the to the negative battery terminal. Initial load was .560a then instantly dropped to about .435a. After about fifteen seconds it dropped to .230a. After one minute, the amperage was at a steady .150a. I started testing out the fuses. I ran into one that caught my eye, and dropped the amps to .090a (which is normal from what I hear?).

The fuse that I took out was a 10A fuse, controlling the 'ROOM LIGHT'. All my doors were closed, there were no lights on anywhere in the vehicle, especially not in the interior. I turned the dome light on, after putting the fuse back in, and it clearly drew more than .150a. Turned it off, and it went back to .150a. I set it to completely off, and still the same thing.

Has anyone had any weird issues like this? Nothing seems to be on at all, yet there is a clear EXTRA 50-60mA draw. Without the ROOM LIGHT fuse, I am down to .090a. I doubt replacing an engine would cause this.. but what do I know at this point. Any advice on this?
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