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2013 2.5L Tranmission Dipstick Size

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We know that our cars did not come with a trans dipstick :(
I bought an after market one. I don't believe it is the exact size, but close.
It measures just over 22.5" from base where it touches the fill tube to end.
The sweet spot is from 21 5/8" - 22 1/8"
Does anybody have the exact size?

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Too bad someone hasn't already followed the procedure outlined in the first reply as it would certainly save you from having to reinvent the wheel. You and I surely aren't the only ones who would like to have a dipstick to check the fluid level. Would you mind telling us about your aftermarket dipstick (cost, supplier, part#),and maybe post the results you came up with in following "the proceedure" to determine where the fill range outcome is (on the stick) as you determined it to be. Your efforts would be most appreciated.
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