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2014 ALTIMA humming sound

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Hello, I own a 2014 Nissan Altima S with 95,000 miles. Recently I started hearing this humming sound around rear area. Sounds like when you are going downhill or when you have brand new tires. I checked the bearings on each wheel (top and bottom) and no wiggle. Any possible ideas on what can it be??

Thanks in advance.
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The wheel bearings won't wiggle until they're very far gone. Jack the rear, put a stethoscope on the back of the hub, and spin the wheels. Nissan bearings are almost dead silent, even the tiniest clicking or ticking means the bearing is bad. If the bearings are good, the next suspect would be a bad belt in one of the tires.
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Its your bearings. My tires didn't move at all either but that doesn't take your bearings being bad off the table. Just replaced my rear driver side on my 2015 and the humming noise when driving on the highway mostly, ya its gone.
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