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So on Friday afternoon on my break from work, I was in my car and turned it on with the key to keep warm. After a few minutes of the engine running I took the key out and put it in the ignition again to charge my phone. After I tried to start it up the second time, I couldn't get it to start.

Before when this happened it was because of the gear shifter wouldn't work. So I jiggled that around for a few minutes. No dice.

I turned the steering wheel back and forth, until the wheel got "tight" like I couldn't turn it either direction because it was so tight. Then I couldn't get the car to start or move the key in the ignition at all whatso ever. My mechanic said he needed to get a new ignition switch but the mechanical one not the electrical one. His words exactly.

Is there anything else? I need my car to get to work and I work about 60 hours a week.

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