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My 2009 2.5S has zero refrigerant and when it was checked for leaks, it was all in the cabin air filter--wet and fluorescent green. It was smelly also. The history of the car is a regularly driven, well-maintained single-owner, garage kept daily driver that sat hardly used for several months before A/C stopped cooling. My understanding is that the evaporator maintains the refrigerant at a a high pressure and, when unused for long periods, it can pop a leak. I have no reason to believe there are leaks anywhere else at the moment.

So, I suspect I will just need to replace the evaporator. I understand the entire dash will need to come out and then some. Since that is a lot of labor, would anyone recommend other things to do while behind the dash? Like, should I replace other A/C components while the dash is off? The dryer?

Also, would a Haynes repair manual be helpful in this instance? I just did a quick search for repair manuals and found the Haynes publication. I do not have any professional experience but I enjoy tinkering and I have access to the tools. I also know that this repair would be over $2k in just labor which I am not interested in spending.

Thanks to anyone who has read this!
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