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im just curious to see what everybodys ideas are of the best performance/dress up mods for 4th Gen altis... i have a 08 2.5 sl and i have alot of plans for it but i just wanna know if i may have forgot about anything... thanx in advance...:cool:
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Where did you buy the overlay from for the roof?
+1 on that, it could be a sick addition to my white 3.5
I was thinking of something along those lines - BUT, I have a dark slate car. Black would kinda blend right into it making that mod useless pretty much right?
anyone have those roof spoilers on their altimas?? Like this one??
That looks fantastic! I may invest in this. Still can't post links, but I want this bumped.
best mod for a 4th gen is to sell it and buy a 3rd gen lol
Really i like my 270hp,how do u like ur 250hp
We all know Pimp was kidding, but, given his mods he should be over 270 to the crank. The 270 coupled with the CVT in the newer model would have it's hands full against a 5spd like Pimp's.
We all know Pimp was kidding
And how do "we" know this Mike? If he consistently makes similar insults in a multitude of threads, regardless of the topic...what leads you to believe that we all somehow know this to be a joke?

Since at least 90% of his posts are similar to this, are you indirectly and unintentionally pointing out that he has very little to offer the community besides his "humor"that only you and he seem to understand?

I definitely don't see anything funny about most of his posts...and apparently no one else here is "getting it" either.

He needs to know that his needlessly insulting comments aren't appreciated or welcome here.

"'s not about the parts-it's about the look and feel of the car as a whole" - Jason Whipple, Rotiform
^^ I had a bunch to say in response, but it's not worth arguing over it. When did we all become the proverbial 'stick in the muds'... Sheeesh...
Since when did this site become a place to slide in a insult when u want? lets talk Altimas isn't that what we come here for??
I already know mine can smoke a 5speed. If I can out run a 2008 GT I can a 3rd Gen.
Stock 3rd gen to your mods, I completely agree.
as far as aesthetic mods go...eyelids make this car pop, in my opinion.

I'd also consider brake upgrades...good for looks and performance improvements.
I already know mine can smoke a 5speed. If I can out run a 2008 GT I can a 3rd Gen.
hey do you have any sound clips on your car? Id love to hear from the inside and outside
Does anyone want a reverse lockout for the L32 6spd's? $30+ship. [email protected] or you can find me on FB Keola Barney or Keola's Kustoms
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