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Car not cranking

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I have a 2006 Nisaan Altima 2.5. Check engine light came on so I had it scanned and it had code p0037. I was driving the car and it stopped accelerating. It still has power but will not crank. I had it scanned again and now it has codes p0725, p0335, p0037, p0328. Any help as to what might be going on?? Thanks
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If you mean it won't crank (the starter doesn't engage when you turn the key), then you have at least two different issues. None of those codes will prevent the starter from cranking the engine. If you mean it does crank but doesn't fire, your problem is either a bad crank sensor or bad cam sensor. It's throwing a code for the crank (P0335), but on QR25's the ECM will often incorrectly blame the crank sensor for what's actually a bad cam sensor. So one of those two is bad, probably the crank but possibly the cam. The other codes are all superfluous and won't prevent the car from starting. P0725 is the transmission saying it isn't getting an engine speed signal, which is because the ECM isn't sending one due to the P0335. Fix the underlying problem in the engine and that code will go away. P0328 is a knock sensor code and might also be derivative, but it won't prevent starting in any case. P0037 is the heater circuit for the rear oxygen sensor and is completely unrelated, it also won't prevent starting.
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