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NOTE: even if your Altima came with Navigation radio and/ or BOSE from the factory, we have solutions for you below.

The Chinese suppliers won't open again until 2/5/2017. Therefore, we will not process orders from now to then. Although our prices are already competitive compared with other sellers, we'd like to take this opportunity to do a 'Chinese New Year Promotion/Group Buy' to further lower the price to benefit 2013-2017 Altima owners.

Please read this if you want to learn about buyer protection.

Here are the 8 different Android radios we now offer for 2013-17 Nissan Altima(Listings):
Above prices are for directly through PayPal including shipping. eBay prices are about 10% higher.
Mostly, they are plug and play. Except number 5,6,7, it's free to install Android apps on the radio. Major features include touchscreen, FM/AM radio, GPS navigation(you can choose the default app), WIFI internet, Bluetooth phone call and music, MirrorLink, etc. Retain factory SWC and backup camera.
Special notes for radios number 5,6,7: Hazens Android radios for Nissan vehicles have NISSAN logo on the box. They are the official products used by Chinese Nissan dealers for upgrading. They have been used in China for more than a year. Compared to other Android radios, Hazens Android radios have better MirrorLink support.(Bluetooth, HDMI, WIFI for iOS, and Bluetooth, HDMI, WIFI, USB for Supported Android Devices) However, The factory does not allow customers to install apps. There may be workarounds, but any modification to the system voids the warranty. Moreover, US map is not available on the radios, and MirrorLink may not work with newer iOS versions. Please choose other Android radios we offer if you are not mainly using the radio with your android phone through MirrorLink.

Promotion details:
The 8 radios are grouped into 5 groups. Number 1 and 2 are in Group 1; Number 3 and 4 are in Group 2; Number 5 are in Group 3; Number 6 and 7 are in Group 4; and Number 8 are in Group 5.

Until 2/6/2017, no matter what channel the orders are received through, if the number of orders in a group reaches 5, then the orders in that group will receive 3% discount; if the number of orders in a group reaches 10, then the orders in that group will receive 6% discount; if the number of orders in a group reaches 20, then the orders in that group will receive 12% discount. The discount will be realized through partial refund. The discount applies to the listed price. If best offer is accepted, the order counts towards the total order number, and the buyer pays for the offered price or the discounted price, whichever is lower.

Here is a demo video for our least expensive 10.2 inch Android radio(Number 3)

Compatibility Notes:
BOSE: If your Altima has BOSE amplifier and the sound system doesn't work well with direct plug and play, here are the possible solutions
base radio:If your Altima has base radio from the factory, you may need this adapter to install radios number 6, 7, 8.(included if you buy the radio from us).
OEM nav radio:If your Altima has 7” navigation radio from the factory, you probably needthis adapter(included if you buy the radio from us).
manual A/C:The touch control of A/C of vertial screen Android radios only works with auto A/C. If you have manual A/C, you need to relocate the A/C control panel(like to glove box) to install vertial screen Android radios number 6 and 8, or you can choose from radios number 1-5, and 7. Even if your Altima has auto A/C, Hazens still recommends relocating the A/C control panel to glove box with included adapter.
2016-2017 ALTIMA:You need to get air vents from 13-15 Altima to install radio number 3, 4, 5, 8 in 16-17 Altima.
You need to get three plastic trim pieces(picture) from 13-15 Altima Sedan if you want to install radios number 6 and 8 in 16-17 Altima Sedan, and there will be some gap(pictures) at the bottom not very noticeable place.

Here are some photos.

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