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First time poster here as I don’t own a Nissan. I am renting one now and have a question that those more familiar with this vehicle might be able to answer.

Renting a 2020 Altima SL. In stop and go traffic for about 20 minutes with the ProPilot turned on, I got a check engine light.

CVT (AT) Malfunction Service Now

In Southern CA, after a snowstorm in an area with little to no cell service, I was not able to pull over. I continued to my destination, about 90 miles with vehicle working, though with less acceleration power at low speeds.

At this point, can I continue to drive with this type of fault? I’m in a quite remote spot that’s more than 3 hours from the nearest rental place I use. Would prefer to drive there to exchange car vs dealing with tow etc. As I’ve already done 90 miles with fault, would another 160 be ok?
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