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CVT transmission please give advice

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I bought a 09 Nissan Altima 4 cylinder CVT transmission went to drive it home it got hot the transmission did check the fluid and it was extremely over full and it was extremely over full and it was extremely over full and the wrong fluid it was red it was probably 2 gallons over full drained it let it run for 2 hrs I drove it to see how it acted when at high speeds if I mash I'm the gas hard it acts like it mite be slipping some in hard acceleration hard to tell for sure don't know i flush it if it will be fine get all the fluid out and the right stuff in it and all the old out witch is hard I know and then I can put a trans cooler on it after it leaves the radiator right before it goes back into the transmission just trying to figure out what my chances are to save the transmission and don't know if the TCM will work if I put a used one in because there is either a procedure or some disc that you have to use don't know if that applies to the u transmission in the engine or what for sure
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There are red aftermarket CVT fluids out there, so the fluid itself isn't necessarily wrong. I suspect it isn't, because even a few tablespoons of "regular" ATF will usually be fatal to the Valve Body. However, being overfilled by that much can destroy any CVT very quickly. You did the right thing getting the excess out of there immediately, but if that didn't help with the slippage, then the belt may already be cooked.
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