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It's the CYBER MONDAY sale at NWP Engineering!

Sale starts at 10pm ET Sunday night and will end at 10am ET Tuesday morning.

and ...
FREE SHIPPING on all orders within US
and ...
FREE 100% cotton NWP RACING T-SHIRT (on orders over $50)

In order to get a free Tshirt, your order total must be over $50 and, during the checkout process, you must specify your size in the Message Box that asks "What is your Tshirt size? What forum are you a part of? And what is your screen name?". Just click the "Add" link below this question and a message box will appear where you can enter your forum screen name and size. All sizes are available ranging from Small to XL. If you require a 2XL or 3XL, since stock is limited, we may be sold out and unable to include one with your package. Please specify an alternate Tshirt size just in case.

Here are just a few of a great deals you'll find at

02-06 Altima VQ35DE 5pc Thermal Intake Spacer Kits at $209.99 shipped!

02-06 Altima VQ35DE 3pc Spacer Kits at $154.99 shipped!

95-03 Maxima Engine Torque Link Kit at $129.99 shipped!

02-06 Altima VQ35DE Premium VIAS Block Plate Kit (BOP) at $49.85 shipped!

02-06 Altima VQ35DE Basic VIAS Block Plate Kit (BOP) at $16.85 shipped!

Please order at:

All packages will ship within 1 business day. All VIAS Block Plate Kits are shipped via First Class Mail unless you selected a different shipping method. All other packages are shipped via insured USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail.

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or post in this thread.

Thank you,

Aaron Kimball
NWP Engineering, Inc
[[email protected]]
Phone: 252-375-4NWP
Hours: M-F 9-5pm ET
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