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I'm not a car nut by any means and I acquired my SER through Craigslist from an owner who kept the car in immaculate condition. A little over a month ago, my driver's side headlight went out and I didn't think much of it, I just turned the fog lights on as to not get pulled over. I'm scared to try to fix it on my own and I don't have great enough of income to take it into the shop over a headlight not working. Then, about 2 weeks ago, my dashboard lights (Not blinkers, not AC light) went out, but only at night when the headlights are on. The dash lighting works during the day. Just the other day, all of my windows except for the driver's side and sunroof windows stopped working. Listening closely, I know that the rotor in the window wasn't even trying to move - they just don't have power. What does the problem sound like? Is this something someone with no experience can fix or do I need to take the car into the shop? I'm getting an oil change soon and will be going across the US in the car in a week from today.
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