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Hello all,

Before I begin, I have combed through this forum about the problems I have, and have yet to find a suitable answer. If I missed one, I apologize in advance.

I recently got a 2003 Nissan Altima 3.5SE with a 5 speed manual transmission. As I was moving from a Civic, it was love at first drive. As with any car, I changed the oil, spark plugs, air filter, all 4 brakes and tires. After that I took her to a cruise on the highway and started noticing some problems.

The first scare I had was when the engine cut off on the highway. After repeated cut-offs, I realized that happened whenever I was slowing down on neutral. If the car is left on any other gear while slowing down, the engine will not cut off.

The next morning, I start the car and the dreaded battery and 'BRAKE' light were on. After I drove the car for about 5 minutes, the lights disappeared and all was well. After work that day, I had a hard time starting the car. The engine will crank but there was no ignition. After rolling it over a small hill in second and starting it, the SES light came on with the P0345 code. I went to autozone and replaced the camshaft position sensor near the radiator (Bank 2) and that fixed the ignition problems - and the SES light disappeared.

I thought that would be the last of it problems but I was wrong. The next day, the SES light came on with the P0300 code (cylinder misfire). As the sparkplugs were new, I changed the fuel filter, and couldn't find any vaccum leak in the hoses. I got the battery and alternator tested at three different Autozone and Advance Auto parts (each - for statistical significance) and all said the alternator was good but the battery was gone... like Lebron James' hairline gone. So I changed the battery and the SES light went away.

Now at this stage of this (hopefully) riveting read, you would think that all was well, right? But, unfortunately, the answer is no. Fast forward to today, I start her up in the morning. I noticed two things. One, the battery and brake light were back on. I would like to mention that I have bought an alternator and it is sitting in the car in case it decides to give out. But after hitting 3 more Advance auto parts, these ones different from the other day, they told me that the battery, the alternator, and starter were in good condition.

In addition, the car started jerking while accelerating this afternoon. It starts off on first gear, but goes away on the second and third gears. It comes back when I go back in 4th and 5th gears on speeds above 50 mph. Now the jerk is very jerky on the first gear, however in the 4th and 5th gears, it feels more as if the car is constantly hydroplaning. Like you would hit a patch of water then asphalt on repeat. When that started happening, I noticed that every light in the car (headlights, tail lights, interior dash and stereo deck lights) keep flickering. That is, the lights will dim and brighten constantly.

If you have been with me all this time, I thank you. But the tl;dr version is engine jerks, I have a new battery but battery light is on, and engine jerks in 1st, 4th, and 5th gears. It is a 5 speed stick shift altima 3.5se. Also, engine cuts off when slowing from high speeds in neutral. Any reccomendations?

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Any codes stored at this point?

3.5 alternator is not very common, but it's a possibility.

The three things that come to mind are the crank sensor, throttle body and the MAF sensor. The MAF usually will put you into safe mode, so that would be option 3, imo.

Have you taken it for a proper diagnosis at a garage at any point?
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