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IS this maxima rsb stiffer then the RL rear sway ?
I confirmed with racing line that the maxima and the Altima use the same exact rear sway bar from them so that would lead me to believe that the oem is also the same. So the Racingline rear sway would be much stiffer than the oem.

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Any idea how much of this info transfers to the 2013/14 Altima? I'd love to make its ride a bit better.

I'm right now looking at H&R springs, an 17 or 18in rim, and an upper strutbar. I'd love to add front/rear swaybars to that

2010 Nissan Altima SR 3.5L Sedan
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I tried searching and could not find much information on the subject, so I wanted to share some of the investigation I have done on our 2012 Altima.

The biggest complaint my wife and I had on our 2012 was the body roll and vagueness that this car had right out of the box along with stance. To fix this, my wife and I started goofing around with ideas, images and some used parts at my shop.

First off.....

We lowered the car using TEIN S-TECH springs. Cheap and simple to do. But the car still handled like poo.


Since the rear suspension is pretty much identical both a 350Z and the Maxima. I started cross referencing part numbers, measuring components and so on.

With this, I grabbed a set of lightly used rear struts from a 370Z. I was unable to find any data on valving difference, but given that the 370Z is a much firmer ride. I made a bet that they would aid in roll control and firming up the ride. Which I was right... The 370Z struts have about a 0.5" shorter extended length (fine for S-Techs) and but the valves median point just about in the middle of the shock body when sitting on the ground and in the normal range of motion.


After crawling up under a buddy's Maxima and various web images. I noticed that the sway bars were identical in length, bend and orientation to a Altima. I called my buddy's over at Stillen and asked for some information between the two sway bars (Altima and Maxima) that they produce.
  • Altima = ~18mm Dia
  • Maxima = ~ 21mm Dia

With this in mind, I ordered a Maxima sway bar from Stillen and a pair of new OEM Maxima bushings from Nissan.

Both the Sway bars and the Struts bolt on with NO modifications to the chassis or parts.

To further the "frankenstein-ing", I also completed the installation of an Akebono BBK from the 370Z Sport models. Massive 14.1" Rotors, 4-piston calipers up front with slightly smaller 13.4" rotors with 2-piston calipers in the rear. The kit bolted right on. You had to modify the dust shield of course, but parking brake and so on works like factory.

To test this, my wife and I (who also own a pair of Z32's) took the Altima to the Tail of the Dragon in Deals Gap, NC during the ZDayZ event last weekend. I let a good buddy of mine, aka Pirelli World Challenge NISMO 370Z Driver Brian Kleeman take the Altima for a spin. The results were AWESOME....

Here is a video taken by a TT Z32 who was chasing. Granted the Altima is running 225 Front and 245 Rear series tires in a 2.5L sedan, you can see by the end of the video that the TT had a bit of issues keeping up. Brakes gave no issues and even Brian claimed to have a great time tossing the Altima around:

With some input given to us by Brian, I will be looking at doing a slightly stiffer front sway bar (most likely a Maxima front since I believe it is larger than an Altima) and stepping up the front tire size to a 245 series to run a semi-square set up. Looking to step up to some type of coilover in the front (NOT BC Coilovers). After that I will be investigating power mods. Honestly I am keeping my eyes peeled for a Gen 4 with the 3.5 V6 & 6 spd. I would like to replicate this exact car for a TC class sedan, full cage and so forth.

Hi everyone,

I know this is a very old post, but I'm currently work on this. Thanks for the info btw! I swapped out my Altima RSB for a Maxima and works perfectly!

My question is getting more clarification on the Akebono BBK. Did you get the brake calipers of a 370z sports edition coupe or did you get an aftermarket BBK that fits the 370z? Also just to confirm, these brake calipers will bolt on directly on the Altima sedan?

I appreciate all the help, thanks!
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