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All of these problems are solved, but I could not find a thread on any of these. Hoping my comments will help someone.
Wife was filling up car at the pump, noticed a small puddle at the rear tire when done. She thought it was gas but was not sure if it maybe came from the pump and dripped or slide down the car from inlet. Parked in garage, smells like gas, no noticeable leaks. Turned out to be the fuel filler hose that connects directly to the gas tank. There were small cracks where the clamp is, but not enough to cause the check engine light to come on.

Another time, starting the car cold, gas smell would come into the interior. This was happening every time the car was started cold, no leaks, nothing noticeable. Turned out to be the exhaust manifold had a crack (known issue) that was leaking out overly rich exhaust fumes into the engine bay, which then creeped into the interior.

Hope this helps.
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