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Yes. I recently became an owner of a 2013 Altima and I noticed the same thing. Very dangerous driving backroads at night without the high beams. If anyone knows of a way to aim these headlights, I'd be interested.
Not sure on procedure for aiming these headlights. I was considering doing the same as my 2015 2.5s low beams are just about as useful as leaving the switch in the off position. After inspecting the aim of my lights however, it seems as though they are aimed optimally so I decided to leave them alone.

That's when my hunt began for alternative as I commute about 100 miles round trip every day and 90% is via a 2 lane windy forested rural highway with all sorts of hazards. After doing what research I could, I came up with some potential remedies.
1) pay the stealership over $1000 to replace both assemblies. Yeah, thanks but no thanks.

2)buy some aftermarket assemblies that look like wannabe fast and furious car add-ons that don't look they'd perform any better than OEM. Nah

3)get right with Jesus and hope for the best driving home on the many dark rain-soaked nights here in Western Oregon. Might work, I've been doing this for a whiled now.

4)purchase and custom mount some LED off road lights. Winner winner.

I got package deal on Amazon that come with a 20" combo 65watt spot/flood bar and 4 each 30watt floods. All are slim profile with lighting lense being only about 2 3/4'" tall, and they're putting a very bright 6k. I then fashioned up some custom brackets for the mounts and hid everything between the plastic lower grille and the tranny cooler with the 20" dead center and one of the floods on either side one louver up from the bar. When all 3 are switched on at same time it's amazing. I've got the barea aimed at about 2° above center and the small floods at about neg 1° and also roughly 5° to the outside to help with lighting up the ditch lines and catching critter eyeshine. The only issue I'm having with this setup is thatI've had zero luck with being able to tap into the 12v pos leads to either low or high beams. I thought I had located the pos feeds coming out of engine by fuse box and try tapping those but even though they test correctly for voltage before messing with them it seems that voltage s8ddenly diminished once tapped. Do these cars have some sort of diodes or resistors that could cause this? Iwas really hoping to come off the output pos side from relays but far as I can tell these 5th gen altima must not use relays, at least for the headlights anyhow? I was really hoping to wire these in such a way that the 20" bar would switch on every time I turned on brights and the 2 smaller floods would come on with lows and stay on with brights with 2 aux shutoff toggles mounted in cabin. With the right relays this should be completely doable but would need to tap into oem light pos from oem relays. For now I'm stuck using just on/off toggles which works but I quickly found that forgetting to kill that bar when switching off high for oncoming traffic is quite easy to do. Anybody have any suggestions for which typing into the oem wiring?
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