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Happy to find this forum and grateful for all the good info and advice.
I've driven Nissans on and off since I bought a 1966 Datsun PL411in the middle 70's. I had a few Datsuns back in those days when I was newly married and money was tight, B110, B210, 510, but really enjoyed a few Z cars over the years. Rebuilding, repairing, and maintaining cars has always been fun for me.
A friend just bought a 2009 Altima and I joined this forum to get info to help her get it right and keep it in great shape.
Personally, I've been a Natural Health Advocate and Business Trainer since 1985 and I help people empower their lives and get great outcomes. If I can be helpful to anyone, just message me.
Again, thanks to everyone who contributes here!
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