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Her name is Jade...(02 2.5s)

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I'm purchasing a 2002 2.5S w/in about two weeks...
- mystic green/blond
- auto tranny
- completely stock
- 107,000

I did some research before agreeing to purchase, and I must admit I was superr leary about this buy. There is sooo much negative press online about these cars.

I figured that those with the horror stories must have somehow chosen not to respond to the numerous recalls and TSB's, and that perhaps this is why they have so many issues with O2 sensors, cat converters, head gaskets, etc.

Anybody wanna chime in on that?

I'm buying out the sellers loan balance...


Planned modifications...

- DONE: aftermarket header (must get rid of the OEM time-bomb!!)
- DONE: aftermarket exhaust piping (need larger diameter pipes)
- DONE: catback exhaust (since everything else is getting done...why not??)
- DONE: cold air intake
- DONE: coilovers (but they're is it ever really DONE?)
- DONE: 18" Gold wheels
- custom turbo

- swapping out the LED's in the gauges to all white
- DONE: also swapping out all interior lights to white LED
- some switches...maybe something that kills the fuel pump if I want to turn it off (security reasons)
- rear door skins from a bose equipped vehicle (rear speaker openings w/out cutting/fabrication...i think)

In Car Entertainment (ICE):
- aftermarket speakers in all the factory locations
- POSTPONED: a different OEM head-unit (with 6 disc changer, front aux input, and remote control...if that exists)


- DONE: aftermarket headunit as long as it has lights that match the funky OEM amber dash lighting (preferably Pioneer)

- DONE: debadge the trunk-lid...possibly keeping the Nissan badge, or using one from another model
- DONE: trunk keyhole delete
- front lip...possibly nismo
- new front bumper...modified OEM
- PURCHASED: OEM mudflaps
- DONE: hood-struts.

- DONE: HID headlights
- DONE: OEM or aftermarket foglight setup w/ OEM switch
- PURCHASED: side marker lights w/ LED bulbs (on with parking lights and functioning as a signal repeater)
- PURCHASED: aftermarket alarm


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I purchased on 03/16...
Registered on 03/18...

First full tank of 87 octane: $50.00!! I couldnt believe it, but now I recognize theres a 20 gallon tank back there...whew!

Car is completely clean and great to drive...everything works great.

I found out that there's a tear in the flex pipe just recently...and the pipe right after the flex is crushed. Since theres no scratches, it must've been done by the previous owner. I just get to be the guy who lives with the result. :(

So I'm planning to do a header and replace everything up to the cat. Later on down the road I'll add a catback exhaust. I just need to figure out what company will have something that suits my tastes.

Today (04/06/10), I installed my DDM HID kit!!! Super sweetness!!! Now when I turn on my lights, I feel like Im in a car that costs 20,000 more than it does. I ordered 5000k, and I'm very happy. Installed within an hour, even after having removed the bumper and both headlights.

A buddy of mine also wet-sanded and polished my headlights to get rid of the haziness/oxidation.

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Welcome !! Yes the first fill up I was surprised, even looked to see if I was leaking.
I bought my replacement exhaust part, and its' being shipped...due to arrive tomorrow :D...

I had fun searching for it actually. Nissan calls it the 'front exhaust tube'...
- I found a guy on eBay with it...$212 for the part, and $16 to ship it which sounds great!

- I went to Courtesy Nissan's website, because as far as I know they have the lowest prices on OEM parts in the country ALWAYS!!

- Their price for the part is $195 which is awesome...but they charge $75 to ship it to my ZIP code, and they will also have to charge me $80 for a core deposit (!!)...thats a total of $350, and theres no way i'd go for that...

- I checked a local dealer also...they charge $253 or something like that, plus the $80 core charge...:rolleyes:

- then I somehow found this site with the same part...and altough they wanted to charge $244 -/+ shipping, I called and managed to get it to my door for $220!!

I'm also waiting for some headlights, and OEM mudlaps :D
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Here she is...'Jade'

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A lot of parts have been purchased...without being installed yet, but....

I purchased a Pioneer Head Unit, and installed it right way:

- i bought the P8200BT from for $179 which included a free dash kit, wiring harness, and free shipping! It was the best deal I could find :cool:

- the free dash kit turned out to be Scosche, and if anybody is even remotely considering this dash kit....DONT do it to yourself. I had to cut and file in a million ways for it to fit my head-unit, and when it went looked worse than any install I have ever done, or seen for that matter.

- I called them back up and they sent me a Metra kit FREE which is SUPERB, and I have my new head unit CLEANLY installed.

- It all went super smooth, I now have BlueTooth calling via the car speakers...stereo mutes automatically when a call is made or received, plays music from an SD card, Flash Drive, or media player via the aux AM/FM radio of course. No CD/DVD at all :)

- I was also able to just about match the radio's illumination to the OEM amber dash fact the radio gives a total of 22 possible hues ;)

Next are the speakers!
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welcome and nice altima
was going to say welcome but you've been here alot longer than i
nice list of things to do
Thanks guys...I wish it wasnt so cold in NY right now...I'd be doing much more!

I just ordered my fog lights and some bulbs...I already bought the OEM stalk some months ago. As soon as I get the lights in, I will be installing them hopefully on the first day when the temp gets above 45 degrees :)
i hate cold weather cant wait for spring
i have a rear sway bar to install but its way to cold
Fog Light Switch: DONE!

I couldn't take it today, I went outside and got started on installing the OEM fog-light switch/stalk.

It took all of ten minutes, and I'm super excited now that it's over.

1. Adjust the steering wheel so that it is pulled all the way towards your body as you are seated in the drivers seat.

2. Remove the three screws found under the bottom of the steering column.

3. Pay attention to how the plastic pieces around the steering column separate into three individual parts...the 'top', the 'bottom' and a 'side' piece that is right above the steering wheel tilt adjustment lever. Remove the side piece first, then the top and bottom pieces.

4. Remove the existing turn signal, light switch/stalk by releasing a clip at the top and bottom of the socket that plugs into the steering column.

5. Slide your replacement stalk until it clicks into place.

6. Replace the three plastic pieces, and the three screws....and youre done!

As I was installing it, I noticed that I actually have an 'auto' position for my headlights now, and it apparently allows me to have the headlights come on everytime I start the car...and they automatically shut off (eventually) after the car is shut down.

This came as a surprise to me, and is now like an added bonus...:cool::cool:

I'm waiting to get some Lamin-X overlays to apply to my fog lamps before I install them. Stay tuned...;)
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Auto headlights are awesome. Good pick-up.
I can't wait to see the final results...Im just waiting for warmer weather so I can put washing mit to the car.
Yellow Fogs: DONE!

I got my Lamin-X shields much faster than I expected, and they were much easier to apply than I thought soooo...

I did it :D

Today in approx 10 minutes time I removed the black plugs covering the holes, and popped the lights in...

I didnt secure em with the 10mm bolts yet, but they are in and working like a charm.

I have yellow OEM style lights, yellow protective film, with generic super white bulbs (came with the lights).

It looks so good, that I now find the rest of the car to be pretty embarrassing...the modding never stops...:neutral:
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Soooo...I have been purchasing a few things here and there:

- I stalked a few pairs of OEM mud flaps on eBay...and ended up getting a front and rear pair for approx $17 per pair :D. They need to be painted though, they're pearl white.

- I purchased (and installed), a set of struts for the hood...i tossed the OEM prop-rod because it annoyed me, and that stupid plastic holder on the hood snapped. I refused to buy another one, and now I will never have to:D.

- I purchased a cold-air-intake (CAI) on eBay...i will be installing that w/in a week or so now that I don't have to screw around with the prop-rod, Im ready to get busy under the hood :D.

I also got around to debadging the trunk a few weeks ago...took off the hamburger, and the altima letters...i left the 2.5S on it. Pics will be coming later in the summer.
Sweet! I will be looking for the pics when they arrive :)
Oh wow. Very nice to see this build. My first Alti was identical to yours with the exception of being an 03 model. I have no pics though :( First thing I did was add fog lights too, lol
Welcome! =]
Oh wow. Very nice to see this build. My first Alti was identical to yours with the exception of being an 03 model. I have no pics though :( First thing I did was add fog lights too, lol
Well that is one of the first things I did. Some things I'm not ready to talk about yet...when the photos are taken I will have to explain a little bit, lol.

Im purchasing a coilover set in the next two weeks. With the advice of a friend I decided on a custom spring rate from Ksport. So the car will be lowered FINALLY...and new wheels will be on deck!
Jade v1.5...PICS

Sweet! I will be looking for the pics when they arrive :)

Okay...fresh pics:

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