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Just got my dome light changed with LEDs for my 2016 Nissan Altima. Very Pleased with these bulbs, worked fine and I'm sure it will probably work as replacement cabin lights for many Hondas built around that year. Replacement is easy, grab a flat screwdriver, pry open the cabin light cover, pop out the old, in with the new. Then bask in the amazingly bright cabin lighting (Maybe too bright if it were on while driving, so something to consider) Something else to consider, The halogen version is a soft white light, with that typical yellowish hue that comes along with that, these bulbs are daylight white light, which I prefer in this instance, but some people may not prefer. Got these bulbs from AUXITO. Overall pleased with their performance, cannot speak to longevity yet, but with 5 other replacements, I doubt I'll need to buy any new bulbs soon.
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