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New guy with question about my 2020 Altima SR

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Actually, it's my wife's car. It's got 29xxx miles on it.
Last week, I went through a serious rain storm.
We haven't driven the car much since then. Today, I got in it to take it to get new tires because the OE tires were at 4/32" and hydroplaned way too much. They were faithfully rotated every 5000 miles.
Anyway, when I got in the car today there was a bad musty smell. When I pulled up the passenger side front floor mat, the carpeting was soaking wet. And, I noticed a bit of water coming down inside the car from the firewall area.
I used my shopvac and pulled up a couple cups of water with it. I've got a box fan blowing on it now to help dry the carpet.
I constantly check the sunroof drains and use compressed air to make sure they are not clogged.
That leaves me with trying to find the cowl drain. I've run into this problem before when it was still under warranty. The dealer told me they cleared the cowl drain. But I did not ask where the drain outlet is.
Is it under the plastic belly pan on the passenger side of the car?
Sorry for the long post, but thanks in advance for any help.
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Thanks so much for the help. The A/C box drain outlet was plugged. And, you're right; there was a bunch of water that came out.
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