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My contribution to site. I find this info very helpful. I say make it a sticky.
P0000 -No Self Diagnostic Failure Indicated

P0100 - MAF Sensor

P0105 - Absolute Pressure Sensor

P0110 - IAT Sensor

P0115 - ECT Sensor

P0120 - TP Sensor

P0125 - ECT Sensor

P0130 - P0134 - Front HO2S

P0135 - Front HO2S Heater

P0136 - P0140 - Rear HO2S

P0141 - Rear HO2S Heater

P0170 - Fuel Injection System Function

P0171 - Fuel Injection System Lean

P0172 - Fuel Injection System Rich

P0180 - Tank Fuel Temperature Sensor

P0300 - Multiple Cylinder Misfire

P0301 - P0304 - Misfire, Cylinders 1 - 4

P0325 - Knock Sensor

P0335 - CKP Sensor

P0340 - CMP Sensor, Detectable & Non-Detectable Circuit

P0400 - EGR Function

P0402 - EGRC-BPT Valve

P0420 - TWC Function

P0440 - EVAP System Small Leak

P0443 - EVAP Canister Purge Volume Control Solenoid Valve

P0446 - EVAP Canister Vent Control Valve Circuit

P0450 - EVAP System Pressure Sensor

P0455 - EVAP Gross Leak

P0460 - Fuel Level Sensor (Slosh)

P0461 - Fuel Level Sensor

P0464 - Fuel Level Sensor/Circuit

P0500 - VSS

P0505 - IAC-AAC Valve

P0510 - CTP

P0600 - A/T Communication Line

P0605 - ECM/ECCS Module

P0705 - PNP/Inhibitor Switch

P0710 - ATF Temperature Sensor

P0720 - VSS

P0725 - Engine Speed Signal

P0731 - A/T 1st Signal

P0732 - A/T 2nd Signal

P0733 - A/T 3rd Signal

P0734 - A/T 4th Or TCC Signal

P0740 - TCC Solenoid Valve

P0744 - TCC Solenoid & Valve Function

P0745 - Line Pressure Solenoid Valve

P0750 - Shift Solenoid Valve ‘‘A’’

P0755 - Shift Solenoid Valve ‘‘B’’

P1105 - MAP/BARO Switch Solenoid Valve

P1126 - Thermostat Function

P1148 - Closed Loop Control

P1320 - Ignition Signal

P1336 - CKP

P1400 - EGR & Canister Control Solenoid Valve

P1401 - EGR Temperature Sensor

P1402 - EGR System

P1440 - EVAP System Small Leak

P1441 - EVAP Vacuum Sensor Leak

P1444 - Purge Volume Control Valve

P1446 - Vacuum Cut Valve

P1447 - EVAP Purge Flow Monitor

P1448 - Vacuum Cut Valve

P1464 - Fuel Level Sensor/Circuit

P1490 - Vacuum Cut/Bypass Valve

P1491 - Vacuum Cut Valve Bypass Valve

P1605 - A/T Diagnosis Communication Line

P1705 - TP Sensor

P1706 - Park/Neutral Position Switch

P1760 - Overrun Clutch Solenoid Valve

P1900 - Cooling Fan

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Thanks for the codes.

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Very cool! These come very handy..

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Whats p1800??
P1800 NISSAN - Variable Intake Air System Control Solenoid Valve Circuit

Possible causes
- Faulty VIAS control solenoid valve
- VIAS control solenoid valve circuit harness is open or shorted
- VIAS control solenoid valve circuit poor electrical connection

google is your friend.

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that code could be a bunch of things. its one of the annoying ones. could be the maf, o2, exhaust leak. its hard to pinpoint.

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I got a new one today not on here
P1273 - Powertrain
Shows up as Air Fuel (AF) ratio sensor 1 - lean mixture.
Corrective actions show up as AF sensor, fuel pressure, injectors, or intake air leak.

Thinking this might have something to do with the CAI, but it's been on there nearly a month without any faults.

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P0340 - CMP Sensor, Detectable & Non-Detectable Circuit , For this I was told the #1 bank catalytic converter. Is this correct?
P0420 - TWC Function, and for this one I was told camshaft sensor. Is this correct. Also which camshaft sensor there are 2?
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