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Problem with 09 Altima Coupe

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For any 06+ Altima Coupe or Sedan owners, would like to know if you have experienced the following issue.

Upon initial acceleration when starting the vehicle after it has been shut off/iidle, there is a low 'thump' sound felt in the gas pedal. It only happens one time and can't be repeated until the car has been shut off and idle for 10 + mins.

I got the car in May 09 brand new and took it to the dealer to check this out but they claim that there is no issue and cannot reproduce the sound (though it's obviously audible/felt when starting the car and accelerating). Any ideas what this could be? Or any suggestions on places to go and get it checked out?

Thanks in advance.
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the thumping sound it due to the cvt transmission which is normal
I haven't had this issue so far on my 09 sedan... with CVT
all new cars do this

My mother's new toyota, my fiance's new mazda and my Altima all do this. I think what you are hearing is the car adjusting traction control or braking system for first time everytime you start up. I always hear it around 5-10 mph after starting up the car each time. Same thing in the other cars I mentioned

I haven't had this issue so far on my 09 sedan... with CVT
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