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Hello, I was hoping to get some help here. I just purchased a used 2017 Altima and I'm having some annoying clicking sounds disturb my daily drive. At first I thought the sound was normal car noise and ignored it. Now a month later and the dealership wants to charge to take it back and look. Short on funds so here I am. I do not have any clicking in the steering wheel when I turn. Sometimes the clicking isn't even there if the road is exceptionally smooth. However I live in an area with small little bumps all over... nothing major... you wouldn't even notice them on the road.... and the car will not stop clicking when I drive to this area of town. I looked around these forums already and some people mention truck tire/jack area, sway bars, top mounts, shocks.... others have mentioned that they have fixed all those issues and still hear the sounds. I have recorded the sound now and wondered if someone would take a listen and tell me what you think it sounds like. When the clicking happens you mostly hear it rattling on quicker at speeds over 40... but occasionally just driving slowly through a parking lot I'll hear the random click. So take a look at the'll hear the car road noise of course but the clicking is just non stop. In the meantime I am considering pulling the portion of the seat back where the top mount is and placing some dampening material over it. I believe the noise is echoing in this entire hollow chamber area right above it. Also, is there a way to look at the strut mount at that time and visually determine if it's the source of the noise? I heard the strut mount could either be damaged, or have loose bolts that need tightening. Let me know what you might think it is please.

Here is the sound:

sound.mp4 (I uploaded a video to the We Transfer free file sharing site if you're wondering where the link takes you)

I can upload some pics of the shocks, struts, top mount, whatever it is... just trying to solve this without spending a lot of money.

Thanks in advance for any help or tips!
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