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Using an Imax b6ac v2 charger to try and recondition cells on a 2007 Altima hybrid.

Prior to charging, voltage on all cells were 7.60-7.77 VDC
After a 2 minute discharge with a halogen they averaged 7.25 VDC just 1 hit 7.08VDC

My charger settings are as followed

Battery Type-NiMH
NiMH charge currant-1.0A
NiMH auto charge currant 1.0A
NiMH discharge-1.0A Cut: 6.0A
NiMH Re-Peak-2
NiMH cycle/charge-3

System Settings
Cap Cut Off-7800mAh
Temp Cut Off-122 degrees
Rest Time-5 minutes
NiMH Sensitivity D,Peak 6mV/Cell

After only 20-30 minutes charge (4 cells so far) is complete with around 8.5 VDC but only showing between 1100-1500mAh

What should the final VDC/mAh be? (I seen they should be at least 6500mAh)
Also are my settings correct if not what would be the best setting?
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