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Nissan has put light weight panels on the underbody of the Altima and other sedans to improve aerodynamic drag. This results in improved gas mileage.

Nice except, their idea of useful and mine departed with the use of plastic retaining clips. The thought is that if a plastic retaining clip is used, when the bottom of the car hits a hard object, the plastic clip will shear and then the larger part will be saved. OK, but that is not what happens. The entire splash shield item is damaged. If you go to the dealer and point out that something is hanging down, the dealer solution is to remove the entire loose splash shield.

And there goes the entire idea of better gas mileage from improved aerodynamics. But it is even worse in the front end around the engine. There those flappy plastic pieces are essential to maintain proper engine cooling.

What to do? First, how do you find the names of these parts and Nissan part numbers. I plan to go to a Nissan dealer in the parts department with pictures of my underbelly. From those pictures and the parts person, I hope to begin a journey of replacing all critical pieces needed to maintain as build aerodynamic efficiency. I already know a few of the parts but I have also learned that the names are often strange. For example: one is a Radiator Support Cover. It is on the bottom of the vehicle and what I would call a belly pan part. It is in no way a support. It cannot have any structural value made of thin plastic. I went to the Nissan website for Nissan parts. Factory Nissan Parts & Accessories Delivered | Nissan OEM Parts Direct BUT, you have to know what they call things to find them. An I have not yet found the needed map of the parts.

Another good example is the plastic panel under the radiator. It is called Under Cover - Nissan (75890-9HS0A). Undercover? Nice word without meaning to real people. I have attached a couple of pictures to illustrate .
under cover map of area.JPG

This plastic panel is called under cover - it is near the radiator.JPG

Does anyone have a map of all these parts for the under belly of a 2018 Nissan Altima? I am fairly certain that all 4dr sedans are the same or very similar.

I am developing a way to secure the light weight plastic panels far more securely using fabricated metal brackets made of 1/8 inch aluminum or steel with rivet-nuts installed. This allows the panel to be supported with a small bolt, say 1/4-20 with a large head and a large diameter washer.
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