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Stripped transmission filter bolt

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Drained tranny and replaced filter. It was my daughter's car and I had her helping me. She got ahead of me and before I could say anything she stripped one of the 3 bolts holding the filter. 2 of the bolts are short and across from each other and they are good. It is the long bolt that stripped. I can see the aluminum about 1/4" from the end. It must not be a bottomed hole? The aluminum fills the thread about 1/4" from the end of the bolt and extends about 1/4" more.
I’m thinking of not using the bolt? The filter “clicks” in place with the O-ring and is very secure with the 2 remaining bolts. The only question I have is does the long bolt plug a hole that needs to be plugged?
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None of those screws should go through into the trans case, so it shouldn't make anything leak to omit it. Make sure the torque on the two remaining bolts is very even, with only two bolts you don't want to risk the slightest warping of the filter housing.
I had a friend suggest to check how deep the hole was. That if it was a quarter inch deeper than the bolt that I have just by a little longer bolt and hand tighten it in?
If there's enough thread and clearance, sure. You just have to be very sure, if it bottoms you could crack the case and that would be catastrophic.
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