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I've had two Altimas (2015-S and 2022-SV), both with a charcoal (dark) leatherette interior. As far the exterior, the previous one was black and this one is white.

They both have the same problem: it gets really hot inside, with heat and sunlight burning my face from the direction of the sun. It's not just general heat, it's also specifically tied to sunlight, as if sunlight is magnified in stronger rays or "pockets." I don't recall this issue with other brands like Toyota.

My theories are,
1. Something about Altima's windows is less heat-/sunlight-resistant
2. Something about the charcoal leatherette interior magnifies sunlight and heat

I can't really figure it out. I can tint my windows but I don't want them to be dark, so I'd have to go with like a 70-80% tint, I don't know if that would be enough. All I want is to drive normally in the car I have now. Any ideas what's going on?
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