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Hey everyone this is a review on The Retrofit Source's New XBLED Fog Lights for Nissan Vehicles.

This was installed on a 2007 Nissan Altima

Notes on Install:
Ease of Install: Easy-Medium
Wiring Knowledge Needed: If you can hook up an HID kit this will be a piece of cake
Amount of time needed for install: 1 Hour maybe less
Any Additional Materials Needed: Yes, you need the OEM/aftermarket Fog light bracket.

Why these are good:
Width: these fogs project the light SO WIDE. They can easily light up the next 2 lanes on either side of the vehicle

Distance: the light distribution in front of you is fantastic. This doesn't flood the light in front of the car but extends the light in the distance

Build Quality: Extremely high quality metal body thick, clear Glass

Color of LEDs: these are about 5000k so they'll look white and pretty nice with any color of HID bulb Low beam lights TRS also sells Yellow cutouts if you want to make these look more like 3000k

Peace of mind: My most important reason for switching form HID bulb/projector combo fogs to these was to eliminate the points of failure. I didn't like the fact that the bulbs and ballasts could be exposed to water damage. These Fogs ensure I'm not worrying a bout the life of a bulb or ballast. They're also water proof. Not to mention, no wiring harnesses etc needed.

First Impressions/ Background:

There was a very good demand from The Retrofitsource to develop some Fog Lights for our Nissans. We asked for it for a long time a staff member named Carlos who has a 5th Gen Altima was also pushing for it and we finally got it!

After receiving the product first off I must say the build quality is VERY impressive. I know TRS has very high quality products but this was beyond my expectations. The glass quality alone is in my opinion better than OEM might even be. What I noticed also right away is that the Fog Light is housed in a firm metal body that looks like it can withstand any weather related issues. The heatsink for the LED is more than big enough to do it's job.

My personal foglight experience is as so: I started with aftermarket glass based fog lights and within a week they shattered. I replaced that with some OEM lenses and HID bulbs but because of where the bulbs were located, I had a few weather related ballast/ bulb damage issues (from water), I then saw some aftermarket fog light projectors so I took a shot with those and boy were the projectors a joke. The output was horrendous. I then took those out and put Mini H1 fogs in their place and they too weren't distributing light properly, in fact it was just creating a lot of foreground glare that's not ideal for fog lights. Next i surface mounted FX-R projectors and they were pretty decent until I tried these XBLED fogs. I then realized how much better these were than anything I've tried in the past.

I Highly recommend this product if you want some nice Fog lights without the Hassle and Glare of an HID system based Fog Light

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This post will show the Installation and the Output Shots

As you can see, the build Quality and Glass Quality is very high!

First off you need an OEM/Aftermarket Bracket for the Fog light. What I'm doing is using the brackets from my aftermarket fog light, you just take off the two screws at the back, remove the reflector based foglight and replace and line up the holes of the new LED based fog light in it's place. These pics also show the adjuster screw in case you'd like to lower or raise the output

Next, you simply attach the whole bracket and LED fog to the bumper. TRS also provided the bolt and nut to install these. But your existing one should be fine.

Please Ignore how dirty the inside of my bumper is, My splash guard broke off a long time ago from my car being so low in the snow and I haven't replaced it lol

As far as wiring goes it can't be any simpler. There's a Red and Black Wire coming out of the fog light, simply connect that to any 12V source. I have mine spliced into the parking light. But you can connect it to anything you want.

I'll get some better output shots and shots of how the Fogs look installed once my car is clearner

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