This is killing me to even think about nvm post this but sometimes sacrifices must be made and chances taken. The car is a smoke grey (I think that’s what they call it) 05 auto Altima se-r. Car has 180-200k on dash and I would say it’s the original engine too. Idk how many owners there have been but the car is in pretty good shape all around. Original red and black interior is almost perfect, three gauge dash bezel is perfect, body seems good besides a little rust spot on one wheel well and the clear coat on the hood and a cpl other spots is shot. Engine has vq tensioner tick when started after sitting, my plans and recommendation to new owner would be to 2nd or 3rd gen swap it anyway but car runs and drives fine as is. Could use a suspension refresh, not sure if it all needs replacing but I’d just check and replace anything worn. I absolutely love the car and always wanted to build one and boost it along with restoring it to like new over time. These cars are pretty damn cool and getting rarer by the day. Located in ct and open to reasonable offers. Only reason I’m selling it is because I’m trying to get my shop/mobile mechanics business a little more constant and not just a side gig and have most everything I need but I absolutely need a good bidirectional scan tool and scope so I can feel comfortable taking on some of the newer newer cars and being able to read all modules and pids plus use scope for complicated diagnostics. Only have a few pics on my phone right now but will take more tonight. Also has fresh tune up and a few other things I will make a list of tonight too. Anyone interested can message me here or email me at [email protected]. Thank you