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Guys- your collective advice is cheerfully accepted..

Ok so I left town for 4 months, disconnected 12V battery prior ('07 Altima hybrid) , come back, re-connect 12v battery and get the "HEV" & "Maintance Required" lights come on so I drive couple hours and they disappear, but later on that day, the lights returned (HEV and maintanace) out of the blue..anyway long story short is its now been 9 days and I thought by now the re-learn process may have picked up the slack but apparently not. Common sense suggest if this just happened when I reconnected 12V battery then it must be a relearn process the computer has to do but I don't think it takes all of 9 days to do this "re-learn" thing. As it stands now the car drives on ECI only. High voltage battery meter indicates "high" and the car drives alright otherwise. anything.

Btw I have done this twice before when I left town for an extended period, but both times the relearn process was in a matter of couple hours and non of the warning lights came back on after that.

I was advised on this forum and others to disconnect the 12V battery when taking long non-operation periods because it would be a major pain (apparently) to try and boost a hybrid I took that advise and disconnected the 12V battery thinking it would be the safest/easiest thing for me to do. This much freakin complication from disconnecting the battery (negative terminal first ofcourse) ? what gives ?

till soon
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